"housing affordability in San Francisco, which is probably the city’s biggest problem"

Housing un-affordability has been shown to primarily be caused by wealth inequality. Nancy Pelosi's net worth is north of $100M, in large part due to stock trading of companies she was writing legislation for. Clearly, housing affordability will not be solved as long as she's in office.

But it's doubtful this will improve with any successor, even one unrelated by blood. You'd have to find a leader both so willing to solve the problem they'd sacrifice their own future $100M, and so capable at getting elected in SF and working within the existing system in DC that they could out-perform all of the other scumbags who will gladly take the money.

The housing problem in SF is merely one symptom of wealth inequality in this country, a problem enabled -- and taken advantage of -- by Congress. Aging politicians are simply another symptom, and it's hard to see how a bandaid on one could fix them all.

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